Kelly Rourke-Scarry Talks to KTAR About Recent Adoption Scandal in the Valley

Building Arizona Families is dedicated to the integrity of the adoption process and committed to the protection and best interests of every vulnerable child, birth mother, and loving adoptive family.  The recent news story about Maricopa County Assessor, Paul Peterson, and his alleged adoption fraud scheme should not cause adoptive parent’s uneasiness.  There are too many precious children that need loving forever families.  There are numerous criteria that families should make sure adoption agencies and adoption attorneys meet prior to entrusting them with their adoption journey.

As Arizona’s largest adoption agency, we have been serving families, birth mothers, and children from around the United States.  Our adoption agency undergoes annual scrutiny on numerous levels to retain our certifications.  We are a non-profit, state-licensed and internationally Hague accredited adoption agency. Building Arizona Families personally understands the adoption process, as many of our staff have been adopted or adopted children. We put caring for children, forever families, and birth mothers at the core of everything we do, providing them with the utmost compassion and professional excellence.

Kelly Rourke-Scarry, co-founder, President, and CEO of Building Arizona Families, understands the concerns raised by the recent Paul Petersen scandal. Kelly Rourke-Scarry joins KTAR to talk about the concerns and how adoptive parents can protect themselves in the adoption process. Listen to KTAR’s interview with Kelly below and read KTAR’s breaking news story of Paul Peterson HERE.

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Building Arizona Families is committed to the integrity of the adoption process.  This includes the protection of vulnerable children around the world, nurturing and caring for Arizona women experiencing crisis pregnancies, and walking beside hopeful adoptive families around the U.S. on their adoption journey.

We serve all involved with the deepest compassion and professional excellence.  Please read below and share with others about ways to prevent pregnant women, unborn children, and adoptive families from being taken advantage of in the most heartbreaking of ways – human trafficking.  We also recommend subscribing to the Birth Mother Matters podcast for further adoption education.


OCTOBER 9, 2019




Three Sets of Victims and What to do Next


Pregnant women from the Marshall Islands were treated like property. Often these women did not even have a bed to sleep on, and many were paid off on the day of birth to give their babies away.


Adoptive families were promised legal adoptions of babies from the Marshall Islands. Luckily, for the time being, it appears that Marshall Islands adoptions facilitated by Paul Petersen will not be overturned.

Let’s hope not. And then there is the baby.  If their mother had not been paid handsomely to give them away at birth, would they have been given up for adoption?


According to Kelly Rourke-Scarry, M.Ed., co-founder, President and CEO of Building Arizona Families, Arizona’s largest adoption agency, there are key criteria adoptive families should investigate before adopting.

The most important criteria for international adoption is Hague accreditation. In the United States, international adoptions should be processed through a Hague accredited adoption agency to prevent abduction, sale, and trafficking of children. This is a rigorous accreditation process to protect the integrity of the adoption process.

Arizona adoption agencies should also state licensed.  They should be transparent about all adoption costs.  Relationships between birth mothers and adoptive families should be mutually agreed upon.  An adoption caseworker should be present to ensure that the best interests of the baby are protected at all costs.

About Kelly Rourke-Scarry, M.Ed., President & CEO of Building Arizona Families

Kelly Rourke-Scarry was adopted.  She is passionate about making sure that adoptions are in the best interest of the three parties involved in an adoption.  Mrs. Rourke-Scarry is available for interviews to discuss best practices to protect birth mothers, newborn babies, and Arizona’s adoptive families.  Mrs. Rourke-Scarry also hosts a podcast called “Birth Mother Matters” to educate society regarding adoption issues.

About Building Arizona Families

Building Arizona Families is a non-profit, Arizona licensed, Hague accredited adoption agency serving Arizona families since 2004.  Building Arizona Families provides adoptive and birth families with professional adoption services and place children through domestic infant, interstate, and international adoption programs. Building Arizona Families is dedicated to breaking down the barriers and obstacles of adoption and helping every child to find their forever family.  Building Arizona Families can be reached at 623-694-9864 or 480-349-2885.

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Adoption – the Choice Saves the Unborn – TV Interview

Adoption as a Positive Choice Message Delivered in Atlanta

We were just in Atlanta meeting with adoption agencies, TV producers, and were able to share the important message of choosing adoption as a positive option. You Before Me founder, Kelly Rourke-Scarry was interviewed on the Atlanta Live program, educating viewers about the facts and resources available to help save unborn babies and help women with unplanned pregnancies

Please help us share this important, life saving message. Go to to download shareable educational information.

We hope you enjoy the interview. By the way, the young man singing was told he would never be able to speak or walk!

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alternatives to abortion

The Disturbing Question, Part 1 – The Role of Finances in Abortion

Abortion in the U.S. by the Numbers

According to the CDC’s report, in 2015 there were 188 abortions for every 1,000 live births in the U.S. For that same year, 638,169 reported abortions were performed. In contrast, the CDC reports that less than 1% of U.S. women ages 18-44 have adopted a child.

Adoption in the U.S. by the Numbers

The National Council for Adoption’s 2017 report states that approximately 18,000 U.S. infants are adopted each year. 638,169 abortions and 18,000 newborn adoptions – the contrast in choice is staggering.

The Disturbing Abortion Question

Why do so many women with an unwanted pregnancy choose abortion and so few consider giving their baby the gift of life through adoption? It’s a disturbing question and the answer to it is complex. This article is one in a series that seeks to uncover the reasons why the majority of women with unwanted pregnancies choose abortion.

Cost and Motive

Consider this scenario: during Planned Parenthood’s 2017-2018 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood reported performed 332,757 abortions. Contrast that number with 2,831 adoption referrals they made – or 1 adoption referral for every 117 abortions performed. Why?

Research from the Guttmacher Institute (the research arm of Planned Parenthood) illustrates that 73% of women choosing abortion cited the inability to financially provide for a baby. How many women choosing abortion because of financial reasons are unaware that adoption services are free for women who choose adoption for their unborn child? Additionally, do they know that living expenses including food, clothing, housing, transportation, a cell phone, medical care, and counseling is all free of charge for the birth mother who chooses adoption.

Planned Parenthood’s website states that the cost of an abortion at a health center ranges from $350 to $950 for an abortion in the first trimester, and that cost is higher for a second trimester abortion. At an average cost of $500, and 332,757 abortions, Planned Parenthood brought in $166,378,500.00 from performing abortions last fiscal year. The data leaves one to wonder why, more of the 73% of women seeking abortion for financial reasons are not referred to an adoption agency, or why there is only 1 referral for every 117 abortions.

You Before Me

If 73% of women choose abortion for financial reasons, educating women about the financial and practical help they will receive through pregnancy and adoption could very possibly change a woman’s choice from abortion to adoption. This is the reason the You Before Me Movement has begun – to educate women with unwanted pregnancies about the opportunity have a true choice between abortion and adoption, unhindered by the financial component that can make women feel trapped.  Watch the stories of real women who experienced a crisis pregnancy HERE.

We invite you to join us in educating women in crisis circumstances about the support and help available to them. Women have the right to know that they can choose life for their unborn child even if they are unable to afford to parent. Join the conversation on Facebook HERE. Download info on how to get involved at:  



The Other Right to Choose


JUNE 20, 2019






You Before Me logo

The Other Right to Choose

When pregnant women are in crisis, many believe their only choice is to abort their child. The recent “You Know Me” campaign cites 25% of U.S. women as having had an abortion. It is important to note that research indicates at least one quarter of those women believe their abortion did more harm than good, and the majority of women who chose abortion have elevated trauma scores. In light of this sobering reality, The You Before Me movement has just launched to educate women who are unable to parent about the opportunity to choose life through adoption.

In 2014, approximately one million abortions were performed in the U.S., compared to only 18,000 children under the age of 2 being placed with adoption agencies (CDC). Education about available support services for pregnant women in crisis, and information on positive adoption process changes can impact the declining adoption trend reported by the Centers for Disease Control.

The movement’s founder, Kelly Rourke-Scarry, MSW, was adopted at birth. She is profoundly grateful for her life opportunities. Kelly is the co-founder of an adoption agency, Building Arizona Families. It is Arizona’s largest domestic adoption agency providing the emergency resources women with crisis pregnancies need in order to choose life for their baby.  She and her husband Adam have also founded the Donna K. Evans Foundation to serve birth mothers after adoption. The foundation helps provide necessary resources for women to go back to school, find a job, and fulfill their life dreams.  According to Kelly Rourke-Scarry:

“It’s time that we as a state and as a nation celebrate a woman’s right to choose adoption.  It’s time we fight to give women the necessary resources so that they have a choice.  We are committed to helping make that choice possible.  The You Before Me movement celebrates with the courageous women who choose life for their child through adoption.”

Today, many Arizona women who were once addicted, homeless, in abusive relationships, under age, etc. are proud of their choice to put their baby’s life first. Adoption is a positive choice for everyone – the baby, the birth mother, and the adoptive family. It changes lives and futures. It is the positive choice for women who believed they had no choice.

Watch Kelly’s story and the success stories of women who chose life through adoption at

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