From the Desk of Kelly Rourke-Scarry, MSW 

Building Arizona Families

Dear Friend,

Wow!  Has March flown by!  I hope you and yours are doing well.  And as always, thank you for caring for vulnerable birth mothers, unborn babies, and adoptive families.  Your compassion truly changes the world we live in.

In March we make St. Patrick’s Day jokes about the luck of the Irish, and we wear green so that we don’t get pinched by mischievous leprechauns… Images of rainbows and pots of gold, and even turning entire rivers green!  We do love our fun traditions…. The story behind St. Patrick’s Day is really about St. Patrick, beloved by the Irish for the transformation he brought to their country.  Many don’t know that he was actually British, and kidnapped by the Irish as a teenager.  Six years later, he escaped back to Britain but love called him to return and serve his captors.  Although British, St. Patrick was “adopted” by the Irish because he served and loved the Irish them faithfully. 

You see, adoption isn’t about bloodlines, it is about love.  The love of the birth mother to selflessly choose an unrelated family to raise her child.  The love of the adoptive family to open their hearts and homes to a baby that they did not conceive.  Babies are not adopted through luck, they are adopted through selfless love.

And just like St. Patrick, it takes loving and serving tirelessly to make adoptions happen. While the pandemic has been challenging on numerous levels, we have continued to plow ahead to locate pregnant women in crisis and share the loving message of adoption with desperate women. 

There are thousands of visitors to our  Arizona Pregnancy Help website every month, and hundreds of phone calls.  We are available 24/7/365 to at risk pregnant women.  Many are homeless, addicted, and despairing.  Life has not been kind to them and they are desperate for safety, shelter, and stability.  And without help, the babies of these homeless women are at higher risk of fetal death, birth defects, low birth rate, and being born addicted. There is an urgency to finding these at risk pregnant women and giving them the help they need to get better themselves and to better the outcomes for their unborn child.

The work is not easy but it is a labor of love because we believe in adoption.  We really can’t do this alone – there are so many pregnant women in crisis.  Can you help us meet the needs of one pregnant woman and her unborn child?  $127.00 is all it takes. Or perhaps you will consider $127.00 as a recurring monthly gift, knowing that you are the reason we are serving a new pregnant woman in crisis every month. 

Thank you for caring so much.  Thank you for walking with us – you are truly joining us in the loving work of adoption.

Can you sponsor one woman in crisis and protect her unborn child?  Two women?  Perhaps you can commit to finding one pregnant woman in crisis every month.  Wow… think of the lives changed by a monthly sponsorship!  Remember that your gift of any amount is tax deductible.  And, please forward the newsletter to compassionate friends who will join us in this labor of love!

Yes! I’ll Sponsor Life Changing Love!

As always, I am available 24/7/365 to talk with a women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.  Please share my personal cell number.  My cell is 623.695.4112.  Women can text or call me. 

Thank you for being in the struggle with us to save the lives of unborn babies.

Saving and changing lives together,

Kelly Rourke-Scarry


Building Arizona Families




During the month of February, Building Arizona Families placed a beautiful baby baby with a wonderful family in Michigan.  We are so grateful this precious baby will have the gift of life and love!  Every baby deserves the same.

February Baby





In this candid interview, Michael is gut level honest about his marital infidelity, acting career challenges, suicidal thoughts, and the overwhelming circumstances he and his wife found themselves in.  They already had children, and unplanned pregnancy felt like more than they could handle at this fragile time.

It was a struggle – Michael describes how hard it was for he and his wife to make the decision to place their baby with an adoptive family.  He also emphasizes the need for counseling and putting the best interests of the baby above all.  He believes adoption is the blessing that changed his life and everyone involved in the adoption.

Watch Michael’s Story Here





We talk about birth mothers very frequently, but don’t talk a great deal about birth fathers, who must be considered in the adoption process. Some interesting things that the public may not understand or be aware of regarding birth fathers:

  • There are repeat birth fathers with different birth mothers at different times.
  • Have access to many adoption services, but rarely engage.
  • Have a significant influence over whether a birth mother follows through in her adoption plan.
  • Need to feel a part of the process and treated with respect.
  • May not have as much knowledge of how adoption works as a birth mother may.
  • Education can increase his cooperation and support with the birth mother.



Donna K Evans Foundation

Please join us in helping to change the lives of pregnant women in crisis who courageously choose to put their unborn child’s life above their own through the selfless choice of adoption.  They choose life for their unborn child.  Now, let’s help them have the bright future they deserve.  Click below to join us in changing lives. 

We need sponsors to help cover the cost of the educational outreach.  No tax deductible contribution is too small.  We also need volunteers! There are also downloadable resources on the website with facts about adoption that you can share with others. Join the You Before Me movement to save the lives of unborn babies and provide a fresh start in life for birth mothers who need encouraging, practical support. 


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Facts About Building Arizona Families

  • Established in 2004
  • Hague Accredited
  • Co-Founded by two members of the adoption triad
  • Established an Aftercare Program for birth mothers
  • Provide both open and closed adoptions
  • Work with birth mothers throughout the entire state of Arizona
  • Work with families across the United States
  • Use “Child Connect” for post adoption communication
  • Have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Host a non-perishable food bank at our facility
  • Have a clothing closet for birth mothers
  • Assist our birth mothers in providing Christmas presents for their children
  • And on on…. 

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