The Other Right to Choose


JUNE 20, 2019






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The Other Right to Choose

When pregnant women are in crisis, many believe their only choice is to abort their child. The recent “You Know Me” campaign cites 25% of U.S. women as having had an abortion. It is important to note that research indicates at least one quarter of those women believe their abortion did more harm than good, and the majority of women who chose abortion have elevated trauma scores. In light of this sobering reality, The You Before Me movement has just launched to educate women who are unable to parent about the opportunity to choose life through adoption.

In 2014, approximately one million abortions were performed in the U.S., compared to only 18,000 children under the age of 2 being placed with adoption agencies (CDC). Education about available support services for pregnant women in crisis, and information on positive adoption process changes can impact the declining adoption trend reported by the Centers for Disease Control.

The movement’s founder, Kelly Rourke-Scarry, MSW, was adopted at birth. She is profoundly grateful for her life opportunities. Kelly is the co-founder of an adoption agency, Building Arizona Families. It is Arizona’s largest domestic adoption agency providing the emergency resources women with crisis pregnancies need in order to choose life for their baby.  She and her husband Adam have also founded the Donna K. Evans Foundation to serve birth mothers after adoption. The foundation helps provide necessary resources for women to go back to school, find a job, and fulfill their life dreams.  According to Kelly Rourke-Scarry:

“It’s time that we as a state and as a nation celebrate a woman’s right to choose adoption.  It’s time we fight to give women the necessary resources so that they have a choice.  We are committed to helping make that choice possible.  The You Before Me movement celebrates with the courageous women who choose life for their child through adoption.”

Today, many Arizona women who were once addicted, homeless, in abusive relationships, under age, etc. are proud of their choice to put their baby’s life first. Adoption is a positive choice for everyone – the baby, the birth mother, and the adoptive family. It changes lives and futures. It is the positive choice for women who believed they had no choice.

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