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Unborn Babies Deserve a Future

Your Generous, Tax Deductible Gift Helps Us:

 Protect Unborn Babies’ Lives

 Protect Vulnerable Women From the Traumatic Aftermath of Abortion

Creates Positive Futures for Babies, Birth Mothers, and Adoptive Families.

Your gift is tax deductible through the Donna K. Evans Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Your gift is securely processed on the PayPal platform using your debit or credit card or your PayPal account. Funds donated to the You Before Me movement are used to provide full circle care for all involved in the adoption journey.

  • Unborn Babies Benefit – 73% of women with crisis pregnancies cite lack of finances as a primary reason for choosing an abortion. Many are unaware of the support available to them should they choose adoption. By providing free practical support to pregnant women, they are able to choose life for their unborn child, even if they are unable to parent.
  • Free Birth Mother Care – Licensed adoption services including adoptive family matching, education of birth mother adoption rights, and support through the legal adoption process.
  • Free Birth Mother Practical Provision – Food, clothing, housing, transportation, medical care
  • Compassionate Support – One on one professional support for birth mothers committed to the adoption process to make positive life and health choices during pregnancy
  • Post Adoption Care – After the adoption, birth mothers are provided practical support include job training, GED or educational support, post adoption counseling to help make positive life and heath choices.
  • Families Benefit – Families who are unable to have their own children are hoping and praying for a baby are able to welcome a baby into their home and hearts. Adoption provides a stable, positive home for a baby who otherwise might not have been given the opportunity to live, and creates a loving family.