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The Time is Now

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You Before Me encourages women facing crisis pregnancies to consider adoption as a very positive alternative to abortion.

Adoption Abortion Alternative

What is the You Before Me Movement?

Do you know a woman struggling with an unplanned pregnancy?  In crisis circumstance perhaps?  Many women in these circumstances believe they are trapped.  They believe their ONLY choice is an abortion because they are unable to parent. 

This is not the truth!  There is another, very positive choice. Adoption gives the unborn baby a life and future that he or she deserves.  It gives the birth mother an opportunity to get the help she needs to move forward into a happy future.  It protects her from the heartbreaking emotional trauma abortion causes.  It also gives a family who is unable to have their own child the opportunity to have a baby. 

We are here to help. Free food, clothing, housing, medical care, and adoption services.  It’s all free and confidential.  If you are in a crisis pregnancy, call 623-404-0379 for confidential help.

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We stand with courageous pregnant women in crisis who are unable to parent. We provide practical support like food, clothing, housing, and free adoption services for women who give their child the most important gift a mother can give - LIFE.

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  • Life matters. Adoption is the beginning.
  • Abortion destroys lives AND generations.
  • Choosing adoption never changes a birth mother’s status as a mother.
  • A baby’s chance at life through adoption is a gift only a mother can give.
  • Babies deserve lives.
    • Help meet the practical needs of birth mothers.
    • Help provide practical post adoption support.
    • Spread the news!
    • Adopt the program in your area.



True Stories of Changed Lives

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Adoption Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

"My son deserved a chance at life. I'd do it again a thousand times over. We both have great futures ahead!"

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Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 7.40.44 PM


Was homeless, pregnant, and addicted.

No one told her about help for her crisis pregnancies.  She wishes she'd known before her first abortion.

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Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.11.42 PM


Did Prison Time

She chose adoption for her baby.  Now, she is parenting her new son and helping other pregnant women in crisis.

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